Is fear motivating?

Generations ago, women leaders had to instill fear in order to gain respect, but that method has long ago faded away. Today, I still encounter teachers, coaches, and sometimes parents, who feel the only way to get their point across is to be feared. Why is that?

I’ve come across coaches who bully their players with downright derogatory methods and negativity like nothing I’ve seen before. “You’re such a disappointment”, “You suck. Just flat out suck”, “You don’t look fit”, “Why are you even here?” Then those coaches brag to other coaches about how mean they are to their players. Could this treatment actually spur the best performance possible from their players? Does it work?

I honestly don’t get it. Supervisors can’t talk this way to their subordinates and if they do, maybe they should be fired? It’s definitely not professional. I don’t mean the coaches should coddle their players, but surely they shouldn’t verbally abuse them.

Not all coaches are like this, by any means, but should ANY behavior like this be tolerated?? I would think respect would go much further, but that’s just me. And what about the student/player? What can they do about a teacher, or coach, who verbally abuses them? If it’s a coach situation, the player might get benched if they speak up. A no-win situation, potentially. What are your thoughts? What advice would you offer up?