So this advice blog is about two days old. I’m pretty pleased so far, but one of my main goals, just so you know, is to meet the people who need me. I’m no therapist, psychologist, nor sociologist, but what I am is experienced, down-to-earth, and logical. I’ve got grown children and been married almost thirty years. I have lived life. I’m nowhere near completing my time on earth (I’m under 50 years old, I just started family life young!), hopefully, but I’ve been through so many up and downs on this worldly rollercoaster, that I know I’m qualified to help. I have several degrees, none of which are in an area that helps this blog, but I do have them if you need to see initials by my name. They’re useless in this regard.

The things I’ve lived through include severe medical issues within my immediate family, children with anxiety and/or depression (depending on the day), suicide within my direct circle and daily struggles we all experience. This blog is not strictly a happy-go-lucky place. Please don’t misunderstand. We’ll talk about the things no one else can stomach. We’ll hash out the ways you can be a better you. We might even argue about how you can turn your life around. It is possible, no matter how impossible it may feel.

I will post positive messages and I will challenge you to think deep, but please know I have a passion in helping people live the life they feel best living. I won’t tell you my thoughts are the only correct thoughts, nor will I preach anyone’s bible to you. Religion is area I feel is personal to you. In that regard, I’ll never pry or preach.

Knowing today is your darkest day is the beginning of turning your life around. Depression, anxiety, bipolar diagnosis, or any sort of mental health struggle does not make you handicapped, or less than a whole person. We are all different. We are all whole. It’s sharing our diversity, our life lessons, our best paths…our experiences that will make us all better, healthier, and happier people.

It’s my goal to make you happier. No matter what it takes. Whether you need motherly “nice” advice, or a kick in the pants “naughty” advice. Know that I’m here for you and always know your comments/questions are important to me. Either click on contact above and send me a message, or reach out through email at naughtyniceadvice@gmail.com ~ I look forward to meeting you all.

Welcome to my blog. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and please introduce yourself while your here.


Depression- More of a female issue than male?

Just read an article that explained more women than men are typically depressed. It went on to say this may actually be a reflection that women just seek treatment more often than men, therefore it’s more recorded. What do you think? Are these statistics skewed because women ask for help more often than men? Or do you think statistically women are more susceptible to depression? Tell me your thoughts.